Period Calculator

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Period Calculator

Period Calculator

Foretelling the next Menstruation Dates with the Period Calculator
The period calculator is used to tabulate the date of a woman’s next menstrual period. Every woman has its own cycle, and definitely different dates of menstruation. Some women have periods that are so quick that it lasts only for 23 days, while some women have periods with durations that span over a month- 35 days. Usually the average regular cycle lasts for around 28 days. It serves as an alternative to most fertility and ovulation calculators.

• The period calculator is used for predicting the next menstrual period.
• The woman may also know what to expect during the next bleeding episodes with the period calculator, as well as other significant days of the cycle.
• The period calculator helps the woman and his partner plan out for intercourse by determining the woman’s fertile and non-fertile days. In most cases, the fertile period occurs 14 days before the next cycle.
• When the test results are positive, this could also tell if menstruation will happen next month. If there is none on the next date, then pregnancy may be imminent.

• It involves using a calculator that allows input of the date of the first day of a woman’s most recent menstrual period.
• Then the length of the usual menstrual cycle is supplied. Normally, a regular menstrual cycle lasts for an average of 28 days. But an effective method could be used- through observation of the woman’s past menstrual cycles and getting the average duration of the latest six cycles.
• Length of menstrual period is used to determine the number of days a woman is bleeding every month. Normally, the average menstrual period lasts from 5 to 7 days.
• 5-month calendar. This is good for long-term plans for couples who wish to have intercourse for the next five months. The menstrual periods are highlighted and its duration from day 1 until the last day of menstrual flow. Ovulation sets in 14 days before the menstrual period’s first day. The menstrual date also differs on the length of the woman’s menstrual cycle.


It is very effective and in fact, very accurate. If a woman as regular menstrual cycles, then the more accurate the calendar should be. It could also calculate for the safe periods (fertile and non-fertile days) for sex. In an average female cycle, the most common is the 26-31 day range. Using the calculator, the woman could determine her safe and unsafe periods of sex. Usually in Day 8 to Day 21 of the cycle are considered fertile or unsafe days for sex (14 days before the next cycle begins). Outside this range is the safe period for sex, where the woman is not fertile.

It is although, less effective than the well-known ovulation and fertility calculators. But it also gives a clue on how to get through the date of the woman’s ovulation cycle, by using the fact that ovulation is at its peak during the 14th day.

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